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Time: 8am-12pm

Ages: 8 years and up

Cost: $110 per day

• 45min group lessons

• General horse care
• Feed preparation
• Stable management 

Holiday Programs
Run over most school holidays and are a great way to keep the kids entertained and out of mum and dad’s hair.

Our holiday programs cover a diverse range of topics and are excellent in giving children a much better understanding of what it takes to own and ride a horse, but importantly to work safely around our equine friends with so much hands on experience.

These programs run from 8am to 12pm and are available for children aged 8 and up.

Students are required to bring water bottles, morning tea, sunscreen, hats and preferably suitable shirts for working outside in the sun along with their own helmets and boots if they have them. Alternatively they can borrow a school helmet. 

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